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Florida Grower ® magazine asked Evans about what inspired this endeavor and to explain how the website works. Tell us a little about your background. Evans : I was born and raised in Oviedo. My family has been in various forms of agriculture and real estate investment since the late 1800s. While we were primarily involved in the citrus industry, we have been involved in various other forms of agriculture (celery, cattle, we currently own approximately 50 acres of blueberries across the state of Florida). I graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2008 with a real estate finance degree. I came back to Florida and started working in what I like to refer to as the agri-real estate industry In addition to my role as Founder, President, and CEO of , I am currently the Vice President of Maury L. Carter & Associates, Inc . an Orlando based land firm. I was fortunate to be a part of Class IX of the Wedgworth Leadership Institute and Class 5 of FFVA’s Emerging Leadership Development Program . I give great credit to both programs as the education and experiences I received in those programs helped me gain a deep and intimate understanding of Florida’s agricultural industry. How did the idea for the website come about? Evans : Currently, Maury L. Carter & Associates, Inc. has more than 130 land properties listed for sale across the state. We also own and manage approximately 13,000 acres across the state (for our principals and clients). In addition to the calls we receive from people inquiring about purchasing our properties, we receive hundreds (if not thousands) of unsolicited phone calls a year on the properties in our portfolio from individuals and companies looking to lease or rent our properties for various reasons. The key word to remember is “unsolicited.” We don’t advertise leasing our land, but the demand for land use is so greatly needed, land users call our signs to inquiry about leasing property. Most of the properties in our portfolio are currently leased out for hunting, cattle, and farming ventures. I recognized that there was this enormous need and demand for private land use in various forms. I was astounded by the vast demand for private land use in our state for agricultural, recreational, agritourism, natural resources, and other uses. In addition to recognizing the need for private land use for users, I also recognized an equally important element: Land owners want to generate or create additional revenue streams from their lands. By way of my agri-real estate brokerage career, I constantly have land owners ask me how they can turn their land into additional cash revenue. So, after recognizing both needs, I set out to solve two problems. Thus, I created the concept of . Land Owners post their properties for marketing and exposure for various reasons and land users come to the website, search, and find properties they are looking for. If there is a property of interest, land users connect directly with the land owner to start discussions about the property. We connect land owners directly with land users. We offer land owners the option to post their properties for:
• Production Agricultural Leases — anything from corn and soybeans, to timber leases, to citrus leases, to cattle leases.
• Recreational Opportunities — camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, mountain bike riding, various equestrian uses, RV/Motorhome sites, bird watching, shooting, etc.
• Special Events, Corporate Retreats, and Religious Retreats — We offer land owners with the necessary amenities on their land to offer their properties for various retreats.
• Estates, Cabins, and Rural Lodging Opportunities — Many land owners have lodging on site that they can rent/lease out to those wanting to get out into the country.
• Agritourism Sites — Land owners can’t really lease these types of properties, but this is yet another way for land owners to market their properties for use to the general public, these include U-Picks, corn mazes, farm tours, etc.
• Communication and Energy — These are highly sophisticated leasing ventures that land owners can offer their property to companies needing land for billboards, solar energy farms, and much more. Who are the ideal candidates for using the website? Evans: We have two ideal candidates that can utilize our website:
1) Land owners who want to earn more income from their property by leasing it out for various needs, and…
2) Land users who want to use land for various purposes. How do you sign up or make use of the site? Evans : Signing up on the website is user friendly and easy. You can create a profile and search properties, or you can create a profile and post properties. Land users are free to search the site for available properties, and land owners pay a nominal monthly subscription fee to post their properties. Is there anything else that you would like to add? Evans : The response to our website has been tremendous. We have had hundreds of users sign up. Florida is now the third most populated state in the country. A vast majority of which that have need or want for land use in various forms. In addition to that, our state was visited by 115 million people last year alone. Other real estate sectors are getting in on the Airbnb and VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) mania and earning vasts amounts of cash income from assets already available to them. Land owners are no different. People want to use land, want the exclusivity and unique experience, and are willing to pay for it.

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Giles is editor of Florida Grower, a Meister Media Worldwide publication.

Since its founding in 1991, It's Just Lunch has arranged over 2 million first dates around the world. Clients have an interview with the company, and then It's Just Lunch's matchmakers arrange the details of the date.

Following our San Jose Business Matchmaking session which included a briefing about cybercrime survival, this unsolicited review appeared by an attendee we met for the first time: I was recently invited by a leader in Supplier Diversity, Richard Chacon - Director of Supplier Diversity and Development for Union Bank, to attend a Business Matchmaking (BMM) event held in San Jose. Union Bank is very active in the MBE community (I know Richard through the NMSDC) and they support a variety of organizations, including being a sponsor of BMM. If you're not familiar with them, BMM supports procurement opportunities for small businesses in every industry, producing regional face-to-face selling events, plenary seminars and workshops, online training and collateral material for MBEs. This was my first time attending one of their events and I must say I was very impressed by the efforts of the many corporate sponsors and participants that made this event so informational and thus successful. In addition to Richard and his colleagues from Union Bank, there were many professionals from leading corporations such as HP Enterprise, PAR Electrical Contractors, PG&E, SoCal Edison, Nova Group, and other resource partners. They participated in a morning panel session that educated entrepreneurs and businesses about the importance of protecting your business from cyber threats and provided tips and best practices for doing so. The panel discussion was followed by scheduled matchmaking sessions The panel focused on cyber threats and the related crime that affects businesses every day. Now for some of you, this may not seem like it would apply to your business; you might not think you have data that criminals want. The truth though, is that you most likely do and there are people out there waiting to hold your data hostage. It was great to hear from experts, right here in the technology capital, and get some practical advice on an issue that we should all be concerned about. If you are an MBE looking to do business with a corporation, or really any business, you need to be aware of the issue and protect your data, not only for your own good, but so that the companies you do business with know they are protected as well. Many of the recent data breaches have occurred because of a weakness in a partner or third party supplier's security. Companies need to know that you are not a threat to their business because of lax protocols; it is your job to prove that you have done all that is needed to protect yourself, your customers, and your business partners from cybercrime. The discussion and advice given during the session covered a variety of topics such as:

  • Phishing and Hacking - How cyber criminals get you on the hook to spend money with tax related calls, emails asking for personal info verification, etc.
  • Wiring money - Do you do business overseas? There are people monitoring emails that can see who you do business with and will pretend to be your legitimate business partner and try to get you to wire them money, and once you do, it is gone.
  • Countering the threats - How having a pre-arranged fax number for payments can be helpful, as well as a dedicated computer and email that is used solely for business banking. This will help prevent you from getting hacked into easily.
  • Education - How educating your employees about threats, how to recognize and prevent them by following the right protocols and processes, will help you avoid problems.
This is just a small sampling of the information shared but I think it shows how helpful the session was and could be for you. They are taking this cyber threat topic on the road and holding similar events in cities across the . If you are interested, consider attending one in your area. They also have information available about cyber insurance for small businesses. Finally, they cover many other interesting topics, so if this one doesn't appeal to you or doesn't come to your neck of the woods, check out their other offerings. I'm sure something will appeal to you and the matchmaking opportunities are very worthwhile. I believe the saying "it takes a village to raise a child" also applies in the business world. It takes companies like Union Bank who are willing to genuinely educate and empower businesses by actively helping them to grow by supporting events such as this. It is invaluable to have businesses that are willing to share their knowledge and experience, in this case on the topic of cyber threats. MBE participants can improve and grow stronger and more ready to do business with large corporations as a result. It's good for everyone: MBEs become better companies and corporations get better suppliers and business partners I want to thank Business Matchmaking for hosting this great event, Richard Chacon for inviting me and introducing me to this organization, and Union Bank, and the other corporations, for giving their time and support to helping minority businesses learn, improve, and grow our businesses. Thanks again! Angelique Solorio
Corporate Outreach Manager, Supplier Diversity
ATR International  

Matchmaking companies toronto

Matchmaking companies toronto